Surprise! You have a cold!

…sprang up on me yesterday with a dry, scratchy throat. Evolved into hacking cough, sore throat, aches, chills, slight fever and lethargy.

I have no idea what hit me.


So for those who have a PS4 (or know someone who does) please download it and give it a spin. If you’ve already saw a few things about it, ignore it and play it yourself. If you’re a big fan of horror films, you owe it to yourself to play this and make sure to use a headset with a mic to immerse yourself.

Was at my friend’s house where a few of us watched him play it. No spoils, but we did have a number of laughs at some reactions.

Again, check it out (it’s free off the PSN store for PS4) and give it a go.

Vacation Food

Despite being in San Diego, where there are many great Mexican restaurants in the city… I’ve just made a couple of quesadillas here at the place I’m staying at instead.

Yeah man…

…One of these days, I’ll try not to post anything about food. Meaning no photos or tweets.


Yeah, I’m not betting on that happening any time soon actually…